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Mr.& Ms.Tom

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spreeding turf builder today I take a break for a puffer on the deck here comes Ms.Hen walking around da yard one min. later here comes Mr.Tom long beard
dragging in 5 they both just walk back into da woods.
cool to watch didn't see em getting it on too bad.
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Always cool to see turkeys interacting

didn't see em getting it on too bad
you're one sick pup Bill;)
on the deck
Deck blind, I'll have to try that one.
didn't see em getting it on too bad
Yeah Bill, what's that all about?[rofl]

You gonna be at Black River next Saturday?
Next Sat. is the Striper A Thon 5/9 if I don't kill a tom this Sat. I'll get it done on the last Sat. I think I have a hunter ed this Sunday?? I need to look.
Sunday is Whittingham. I usually don't go up that far.
OK see ya at Black River after May 9th[up]
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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