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i recently visited my grandpas farm in Wantage where he was working with a man who does forestry for a living. he helping my grandfather manage his woodlands and selectively cuts timber. on the day that i visited the farm, we took a drive out past his fields to the woodlands. while driving we saw a bear and a couple deer. out of curiosity i asked if he had ever seen any bobcats or fishers here in NJ. his response surprised me, as he said he had seen them quite often both here and in NY state where he also works. when he was talking about the bobcat, he also mentioned that other people is his office had seen both cougars in NJ and NY. he says that they run the Appalachian ridge on through the north and south. he mentioned that they had come across tracks both in stokes state forest and also in NY, over the border from NJ. take it as you wish, just another intriguing story from a person who knows the forest and its animals very well.
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