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Motion Sickness Patch for Drag and anyone else interested....(NOT A JOKE)

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Try out these patches for motion sickness - We used to use them when making 3 - 4 day trips at the Canyon to minimize any notions of sea sickness and "sea legs" back at the dock!!!;)

Charter Captains have made them available to fare payers for years....And, they really work great and can make the difference between a GREAT trip or a really LOUSY one!!![up][up][up]

You can probably get them cheaper through the pharmacy when prescribed by your own Doctor...
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i thought they stopped selling those?

And, it comes in oral form, also...

I highly recommend following the directions and bringing plenty of water with you as the side effect of "dry mouth" is very common!!!
cheaper to just buy dramamine over the counter.
If his motion sickness is as bad as I remember him describing, Dramamine may not do the trick.

Plus the key to all of these motion sickness drugs is to take them about 1/2 - 1 hour prior to setting foot on the boat. Dramamine will make you drowsy, and I wouldn't drive early in the AM while taking that stuff.

See the following about Dramamine:
They also have magnetic bracelets, and bandaid type patches you can buy that you are suppose to put them on pressure points or something and prevent motion sickness. I saw a bunch of people wearing them when i went on a cruise last year
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