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Morris mom triggers anger over gun book

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03/31/05 - Posted from the Daily Record newsroom
Morris mom triggers anger for her stand on gun book
By Abbott Koloff, Daily Record

She is not what some people conjured in their minds. She has nothing against people owning guns. Some of her relatives, including a brother, are police officers. She voted for George W. Bush in the last presidential election. Just one imaginary image, among the many appearing on the Internet this past week, seemed to fit.
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I agree with that article, many people are too quick to judge. Claiming you are a bleeding heart liberal because of ONE stance you have. For the most part, many of my views are conservative right wing. However, there are issues, in which I stand in gray areas, or on the left. You can not limit yourself to one side.

On this matter however, I would have to disagree with Mrs. Barroso. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with introducing or "exposing" children to guns, as long as they are taught to respect firearms, and to handle them with care and taught firearms safety. Reading a book about gun-collecting is NOT going to make you a criminal.

If I could, I would like to ask Mrs. Barroso this;

Your son is obviously showing an interest in firearms by checking out this book. Will you allow him the opportunity to learn more about his interest?

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