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Morris mom triggers anger over gun book

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03/31/05 - Posted from the Daily Record newsroom
Morris mom triggers anger for her stand on gun book
By Abbott Koloff, Daily Record

She is not what some people conjured in their minds. She has nothing against people owning guns. Some of her relatives, including a brother, are police officers. She voted for George W. Bush in the last presidential election. Just one imaginary image, among the many appearing on the Internet this past week, seemed to fit.
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Well, I disagree with her on this one. I think she is wrong to be so vocal and such an alarmist about a gun collecting book. Why is it different from a stamp collecting, or coin collecting book? There is nothing violent about collecting guns, in fact, you could argue that collecting butterflies is more violent because you are taking and killing a living thing. I think she should be branded as she has been because her objections to this book being in the library are based on false, heretical and inflamatory stereotypes of interest in firearms.

My ten year old brings home books on military stuff all the time, including guns of the military, from school. Is that the next to go? I would much rather have him playing Army than some of those video games such as the car-jacking or cop killing ones.

My gosh, they teach kids about using condoms at younger ages than 10, why can't they read about rare guns? Does this woman want all books removed with sexual inuendos, or is it just gun she is so paranoid about? Seems like she chooses her 'causes' very carefully to fuel political correctness and anti-gun attitude that grows each day.
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