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Morris mom triggers anger over gun book

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03/31/05 - Posted from the Daily Record newsroom
Morris mom triggers anger for her stand on gun book
By Abbott Koloff, Daily Record

She is not what some people conjured in their minds. She has nothing against people owning guns. Some of her relatives, including a brother, are police officers. She voted for George W. Bush in the last presidential election. Just one imaginary image, among the many appearing on the Internet this past week, seemed to fit.
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I have many guns in my house. In fact I couldn't tell you how many but all are locked up in one of my many safes except for the ones I'm carrying. I have 3 boys from 7-10. They are not locked up because I'm worried about MY boys getting access to them, as they have been in contact with firearms sisnce they could walk. They are locked up so thier friends who have not been exposed to firearms (like this boy)cannot display their curiosity. These are the children I worry about my sons being around.

I'm waiting to see how this censorship situation pans out. I'll be donating many educational gun related books to this library if this parent does not return it. Who's with me?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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