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Morris mom triggers anger over gun book

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03/31/05 - Posted from the Daily Record newsroom
Morris mom triggers anger for her stand on gun book
By Abbott Koloff, Daily Record

She is not what some people conjured in their minds. She has nothing against people owning guns. Some of her relatives, including a brother, are police officers. She voted for George W. Bush in the last presidential election. Just one imaginary image, among the many appearing on the Internet this past week, seemed to fit.
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The problem I have with her actions: Okay, if she does not want her child to read about gun collections... then thats okay. However, she is NOT returning the book for other parents to decide.

The problem I have with her words: She does not want kids shooting up schools. Well...neither do I. However, those kids (school shooting pyschos) are just plain evil. You can look for answers by blaming the cops, blaming other kids that did not like them at schoool, blaming teachers, blaming George Bush (he gets blamed for just about everything theses days anyway, etc.... instead of blaming the pyscho shooter kid.

Guns do not shoot people. People shoot people.

Matty: there is nothing wrong with taking a hard stance on a position. Both the Dems and GOP want everyone to take a "bi-partisan" position on everything. BS. No way.

Bill Clinton was in the center (just a little left). George Bush is in the center (just a little (very little) to the right.

Its in the best interest of both Dems & GOP for everyone to take gray positions. The Dems & GOP cut deals with eachother all the time in the name of "bi-partisan".
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