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In a live interview NJ man says he fought off bear, "...the only thing I think that saved me was that I kicked it in the throat..." Pictures available; cuts, scrapes, seperated shoulder and large abrasion.

Below is the link (There is a short ad prior to interview)

Another story below:

DEP Spokeswoman does not yet characterize attack as category 1, which is most serious of human bear encounters.

Man claims it was the worst experience of his life... "This is a dangerous aggressive bear."

According to DFW number of serious bear-related incidents continues to grow.

Bear attacks Vernon man for sandwich

By ROBERTA FUGATE [email protected] July 2, 2009, newton herald

VERNON -- A Vernon man is recovering from injuries sustained last week from a run-in with a bear that was apparently hungry for a late-night snack.

Henry Rouwendal, 51, of Lake Panorama, said he was packing tools and electronic parts into the back of his SUV late Friday evening for a work assignment in New Hampshire when a black bear knocked him to the ground, apparently to get to a Quick Chek Italian sub that was sitting in the back of the vehicle.

Rouwendal said he rolled over to see the bear, which he estimates weighed between 300 and 400 pounds, standing over him. After it grabbed his sandwich, Rouwendal said he kicked it several times until it ran away.

Unable to stand, and bleeding from a large abrasion on his left temple, he crawled to the front of the SUV to retrieve his cell phone so he could call his wife, a nurse, who was asleep in the house.

After failing to wake her with the phone call, Rouwendal said he crawled into the house and his wife treated his injuries. In addition to the abrasion, he said, he also sustained several bruises, a black eye and a separated shoulder.

"I can't explain how bad I feel, especially with my daughter's wedding on Friday," he said. "I'm going to go through it looking like I was in a boxing match." "It was the worst experience I've ever had in my life," he added. "This is a dangerous, aggressive bear."

Officer Shaun Fitzgerald of the Vernon Police Department investigated the incident and found the sandwich wrapper and remnants of the sandwich on the side of the Rouwendal home.

"What I found out was that bears don't like tomatoes, onions or lettuce," Rouwendal said. "That was all that was left on the grass, it ate everything else."

Vernon Police reported the incident to the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife. Department of Environmental Protection Spokeswoman Darlene Yuhas said a trap has been set up at the Rouwendal home and that the incident remains under investigation. She said it's important to note that the incident has not yet been characterized as category 1, which is defined as the most serious of bear/human encounters, but also includes break-ins of houses, killing of livestock and destruction of crops.

According to the state Division of Fish and Wildlife, statewide, the number of serious bear-related incidents continues to grow. The monthly report for the period of April 21 to May 20, showed the state's black bear unit received 42 category 1 calls compared to 33 such calls in 2008. Overall, the number of bear-related calls grew from 307 for the same period last year 2008 to 396 this year.

On a much lighter note, when told about the incident, John Schaninger, vice president of sales and merchandising for Quick Chek said, "We send our best wishes to Mr. Rouwendal for a quick and speedy recovery.

"To help him feel better, Quick Chek will offer Rouwendal free lunch at Quick Chek for the next month," Schaninger said.

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"He only perceives that he was injured...."the official line from Trenton.

I'm glad a NJ paper picked this up...2 days after a NY paper and Fox News had it. Biased journalism at its finest.

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Thank god, still no bear attacks in New Jersey just another............ "incident."

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