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So with this strange virus situation at least I finally have time now to post some pics from this past season here in Europe. Did not have much time to get to Sweden and hunt but a few days early in the season and then also over Christmas break.

It is fascinating to me how the game populations have changed over time. 20 years ago we harvested about 30 roe deer and 5-8 moose annually. This season only 4 roe deer and 2 moose but instead we have booming populations of fallow deer and wild boar. In a couple more years I expect we will start seeing red stag which have made it to the neighboring property. From time to time a wolf or lynx will pass through which also never happened in the old days. Another 20 years and we may have brown bears again!

My oldest passed his Swedish hunter's safety test which is quite comprehensive compared with the one in NJ and he took his first game - a jay.

Hope you enjoy the pics, as usual I can't figure out how to rotate them right.

Be safe everyone.



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