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More Bear Talk

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Contains some anti mumbo jumbo... but also other stuff...

"Wonsala is a member of the N.J. State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs and said hunting is probably the only way to cut back on the bear population in Chester and the area.

He said the bear he saw last week was tagged and it was apparently one of two bears that state wildlife officials had captured and relocated from Parsippany to the Black River swamp area. The fact that it ended up in Wonsala’s backyard shows the relocation is not effective in keeping bears out of populated areas, he said. "
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the DEP and the F&G can bring all the bears down here to me. I don't mind them walking around my area.
F&W will only "relocate" a bear that finds it's way into a city or location and has problems getting back to the woods. They will bring them to the closest WMA or state land. They are not bringing the bears from the north to the south.
if you say so...
Wonsala is a hunter but only for game that he eats, and that doesn’t include bear. But he said hunting is needed to keep the population down
Tony is a good guy... I was in the Chester game club with him. He pretty much runs the Chester Trap range, at least he did back then.. He knows his stuff when it comes to hunting and how it all works..
Why does the Chester trap range have such weird hours?
It's every Thursday night...I used to work it 5 or 6 Thursdays out of the year....Thats part of the deal to be in the club. The range generates money for the club and helps keep the dues down....
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