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monmouth county parks permits

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When does the monmouth county parks system offer its permits to hunt the parks?
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I don't think it will happen until after the state makes the regs for 05-06 official.
One of the masons at work was telling me monmouth county parks is going to issues permits to bow hunt in the parks. He said there are some pretty nice deer in the parks.
I think if they do it again it will be DOES and Antlerless only in January and February.

I hunted Hartshorne woods back in January. Cold and Rainy!

Management hunts are a bit different and more restrictive of technique than just doing a season or permit hunt.

The management hunt was Shotgun, Bow and Muzzleloader. I would have preferred if it was one or the other. No 'Still Hunting' or groundblinds. Treestand only.

You had to show your equipment to the rangers on duty, put bow or gun in its case, walk-in and set-up, and be still. The only bow case I had was an SKB soft case. I looked pretty silly trying to hang this thing off the stand.:eek: Hunter Orange a must.

If you shoot a deer, you cannot leave your stand. You must wait for or if neccessary walk out to get a ranger to track the animal with you. The hunt ended at 9:00 so if you got a shot at 7:00 you were better off waiting for the hunting hours to end before you sought the help of the rangers.

They even set up a 'field dress' area.

Nice guys our Monmouth County rangers.

I didn't know how many hunters were in the woods that day but I guess it was about a dozen.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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