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I blew a 5 yard shot. At 9:11AM I turned my head and there was movement behind a cedar. At first I thought a bird was in the tree but then I saw him step out.He was at least a 7 point. Once I realized he was a shooter I did not look at his head again. He was coming straight at me and turned broadside at 5 yards. I drew and found him in my peep site and let it fly.Smack, right in the shoulder. 2.5 inches of penetration. He ran 70 yards stopped , stood there for 2 minutes and slowly walked up the ridge. I watched him walk away for 20 minutes.
He had an odd rack the right side was perfect with 4 points and the left side came out of his skull at an odd angle forward.3 or 4 points on that side He was big , about 150 lbs and 17 inches wide.
At least he'll be ok.
Theres always tomorrow.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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