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Monday 11/14 check in.

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Good luck to all who get out today. Ill be in Zone 2 all day.
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Good luck to you too JR, and good luck to everyone else. I will be in zone 8 all day. (hopefully I wont have to sit all day though, if you know what I mean!);):D

heading out now
Good luck. I think I am going out Thursday afternoon.
didn't see anything this morning....have to run wife to work then going back out..
didn't see anything this morning
What ever
What ever
sounds like you watch too much Jerry Springer:p
ok.. if you say so.
Went out till 9. Didnt see a thing.:( High temps are horrible
Saw a coyote on my way in, he was out in the field I walk through. Then I saw a nice red fox near my tree. Called in a nice 4x1 (broken rack) at about 8am with the can. Could have shot him at 15 yards, but decided against it since theres still some time left for permit bow. Saw another red fox (probably the same one) around 10am. Could have shot him, but I felt bad, he was just sitting there scratching himself at 20 yards (kind of looked like my dog). Then he came trotting over to about ten yards, and I made a little squeak at him. He took off over the hill when he saw me in the tree.

I planned on sitting all day, but I kept falling asleep after I ate my turkey sandwich around noon. I just got back now, I probably should have stayed, but.....I was just too tired.[down]

Maybe tomorrow morning if the rain holds out.:)
I blew a 5 yard shot. At 9:11AM I turned my head and there was movement behind a cedar. At first I thought a bird was in the tree but then I saw him step out.He was at least a 7 point. Once I realized he was a shooter I did not look at his head again. He was coming straight at me and turned broadside at 5 yards. I drew and found him in my peep site and let it fly.Smack, right in the shoulder. 2.5 inches of penetration. He ran 70 yards stopped , stood there for 2 minutes and slowly walked up the ridge. I watched him walk away for 20 minutes.
He had an odd rack the right side was perfect with 4 points and the left side came out of his skull at an odd angle forward.3 or 4 points on that side He was big , about 150 lbs and 17 inches wide.
At least he'll be ok.
Theres always tomorrow.
Saw 6 bucks and good rutting activity this morning in DMZ 51
Let a small 8 point walk this morning. Didnt see anything else in the afternoon. I;m not seeing any activity at all...very strange...One thing for sure my corn is not getting eaten. This could be a sign that the does are holed up with the bucks getting bred. But where are the fawns? They should be wondering around waiting for mommy to get done with Mr Big!!! Oh well just keep at it and see what happens...good luck everyone
Blew a shot on a shooter . Lets just say he seen me first [down]
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