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Missed a Doe this morning.

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Well i saw 10 deer. 1 buck but couldn't tell how many points being it was still dark and 9 does. i missed a doe 3 times..[down][mad]

it was straight down shots. i couldn't get a side shot. i have to move my stand off the run some more to get a better shot. i just missed on each side. hopefully this afternoon.
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I wish you the best of luck Wojt
You missed with "training wheels"? I hope you don't need one of them shots as an EAB.;)
Don't feel bad, I missed a "chip shot" this morning. Saw 15 deer from first light to 10 am. Missed a nice fat doe at 10 yards, sent the arrow right over her back. Saw 3 bucks still in velvet, no shooters though.
it is EAB zone. the first shot i missed was straight down....arrow was about 6 feet from base of the tree. the second shot was maybe 8 yards. third was further...i just missed it right under her.
Straight down shots are not good shots to take. No way to hit both lungs.
Practice practice practice!!!!!!!!!
i know, all the deer kept heading down this run and would never give me a side shot. i need to move my stand further off the run to get the best shot.
10 to 15 yards will do it Wojt.
problem is there's really not a good tree in the spot except for the one i'm in.
move the trail then....
why the directly down shot? thats a bad shot...the deer eventually has to walk away right?
I've taken deer by shooting straight down. The thing you do is hug the spine, and aim for the heart. Visualize the arrow exiting through the chest by the offside shoulder.
Like Mystic said, Move the trail. Block it with some tree branches or cut down a small tree and place it so the deer have to go around it.
NO straight down shots!!!! The only way to do it correctly is to hit just to the side of the spine and take out 1 lung and heart. It's a shot the size of a golf ball. I don't know of a single person who can hit a golf ball EVERY time on a moving target.

I have never seen a deer hang out under a stand all day. Like Dawgs said, it will move away.
All I have to say is shame on you guys. [down] Woj, you missed the same deer three times? That's inexcusable. If you keep that up, your team is gonna trade you away. DAMN, I'm still waiting for my first shot opportunity. :)
i hear ya luv2hunt. [mad]

i hope to get out this weekend.
Hey Woj, Thats not too bad, Last year I missed 3 different does, in the same night, that all stood a,most exactly in the same spot!!! I had a monkey on my back coming into this season here in NJ, but everyone knows he's gone now. It happens to everyone, althouogh some won't admit it :D
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