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I have used both the co-pilot and the cable and believe me if you suck at the foot pedal cable drive you will really suck at the co-pilot in the manual mode.
I have the Minn Kota Maxxum on my boat and would not have any other trolling motor on my boat.
There are definite advantages to the co-pilot.
If you are trolling on a electric only lake or if you are going to go from point A to point B on an electric only lake but as far as working structure or weed beds I don't see the benefit. How many weed beds and pieces of structure are perfectly straight?
You still have to work the pedal and if I'm casting baits I don't want to have to watch the arrow on the head of the trolling motor to see where I'm going.
I want to concentrate on fishing not trolling motors.
I know from feel with the cable drive foot pedal that if foot is flat I'm going straight if I toe down I'm going right and if I heel down I'm going left.
I would have to say that if you keep at it with the cable drive foot pedal you WILL get better at it and you won't be disappointed.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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