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Kris wanted to let everyone know that he will get to your requests/questions/images/emails as soon as possible. He is currently very busy with work.

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Kris works?
I dont consider it work! He basically sits on his laptop looking at NJH, and then he IM's his boss a few times. Ive witnessed it...its not what you would call "work", but they do pay him for it, and he has to be on his computer at a certain time every day! So I guess he technically works. :D:D:D
HA HA HA....all very funny comments.[mad]:D:D

Now I think you should all get back to WORK!:p

Me? I think I'll go out for an afternoon hunt shortly.:p:p:p:D:D:D:D

I knew I should have locked this stupid thread....
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Why is Matty always the butt of our jokes?
Did he have that done too?
I dont know why Im always the butt of everyones jokes, but I dont really mind. If people are laughing and having a good time, its all good.

Please dont tell me your second question is serious. Do you think a guy as good looking as me would need ANY kind of plastic surgery? Please, maybe they could give me some imperfections to make me more approachable for the ladies. ;):p:D Even NJfarmgirl is intimidated by my manly, ruggedly handsome, good looks. Poor girl.:D

I think he like's the attention... I've never met Matt (he's probably thinking and I never want him to meet me)..... But he seem's to be able to take a joke...Which is great.... So I guess untill he write's this long thread telling us to leave him alone... We can keep on busting him... Sometime's he doe's leave himself wide open....
Nah, its not the attention. And we'll meet eventually Rich....(not if I can help it) LOL j/k.

No long thread saying to leave me alone here...I give it, so I should be able to take it. Right? Even if I do have to visit my shrink twice a day because of you people.

Gooos Frabba!

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Sounds good Rich.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful CHRISTmas and a happy new year as well!---:)

Well, Im off to bed, I dont want Santa to p [no swearing please] over my house.;):D
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