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Message from Dragthor: To all members

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Kris wanted to let everyone know that he will get to your requests/questions/images/emails as soon as possible. He is currently very busy with work.

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Hey Matty you do have a job. Kris's secretary.
And to think, I thought it was bend-over boy [confused] LOL!!!

There's a plastic surgery place next door at work.. Comming in today at 4pm I could have swore I saw Matty going in.... Breast Implants????????
Now that's rough! But, it's also funny as hell!!! ROFLMAO :D :D :D

BTW, so how do you get those other emoticons?


Just wait till the offseason. This place is a rip.

Why wait for the off season?
No need to wait, but you have to admit things get interesting when members are sitting at home, bored from not having hunted in several months.

Don't worry Matty can take it... He's probably not on because he can't see the key board any more because those DOUBLE D's are in the way...Matty wait till you try to draw the bow....See BIG IS NOT ALWAY'S BEST.....
Holy crap!!! You had me rolling on the ground with this one. This was absolutely hilarious.

You really need to find something else to do :D

1 - 8 of 57 Posts
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