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Mendham - Deer Zone?

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Does anyone hunt this area. I just scored 5 acres and I don't know what zone it is . I go next sat to the township police dept to take the hour long class.
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Mendham is Zone 36 or 13 if I recall. One of the 2.
is that earn a buck zone or a early zone. If the state would coume out with there digest a little earlier i'd know.
im not too sure if its an earn a buck zone but i am possitive it is zone 13
it is a earn a vuck zone with a 3 point rule
It's 9 and 13 depending on which side of which road you are hunting.
Everything east of the center of Mendham Boro (Hilltop Rd, B'ville Rd. and Calais Rd)is area 13, west of that is area 9 all the way out to 206 in Chester.
Zone #13 is a QDM zone( 3 points or more on 1 side) . Not sure about Zone #9 though.
They are both earn a buck and QDM zones.
I'm in zone 9, New that foe a while now. I had to new digest when they first came out. There alot nicer
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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