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Mayor up in arms over relocated bear

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Mayor up in arms over relocated bear
Published in the Asbury Park Press 06/16/05

FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP — The Township Committee is protesting the state's relocation of a wayward black bear to Turkey Swamp Park.

Mayor David Salkin said Wednesday that moving the bear here June 5 "could have been a disaster waiting to happen. I think it was pretty irresponsible throwing it there without consulting us. It's not a vast wilderness. It's a park surrounded by residential areas.";c=164/111/1;s=68;d=17;w=720;h=300;t=III-INTERACTIVE
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Too funny!!!!!! Maybe now they will start to understand what we go through up here in North NJ everyday... Not to mention they are complaining about 1 bear!!! We have somewhere between 1700 and 3000 up here!!!!
That park is over 1000 acres. I think thats big enough for that bear to hang in for awhile....
But what she fails to realize is that the bears are eating her garbage because there isnt enough natural food in its habitat to eat and survive.
Also they are pushed to these nieghborhoods because there isn't enough natural habitat for all the bears we have!!!!! They are forced out of the big woods and need to eat something!!! Easy meals in a can!!!!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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