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Matty, did tou get my email?

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Will you be able to help me finish setting up my bow on Thursday?
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Yes, I can. I'm just going through emails right now. So when I get to yours, I will get back to you incase you dont see this on here. Then its back to work

Seems I am quite popular...I have TONS of emails! I try to stay on top of them, but they get to be overwhelming. If you guys only knew what a jerk I really am, Id have half the amount of emails!!:p:D

Oh yeah, what time?
Matty, I know what a jerk you are yet I still email you. I'll email you the time.
Then its back to work
I thought you didn't work.:D
I thought you didn't work.
Yeah what's up with that?

I work on occasion! Yesterday and today are those occasions. Money is tight, but with hunting season coming, I dont want a real full time job.

First its work here on the computer, then its off to do some manual labor for a few hours. Today is a BUSY DAY!

It may not seem like it with the time I spend on here, but Im always wheeling and dealing. Always busy, and theres always something thats making my hair go grey.:(
Make sure you read my e-mail, there's an offer attached you might find hard to refuse.
maybe we should run a "Get Matty a Job Contest" here.
maybe we should run a "Get Matty a Job Contest" here.
Matty, I may have one for you.
Well, I dash for cash, so let me know what you got Mike.:D[up]

Paul, I read your email, and I will get back to you, Im not going to refuse that offer so....I will iron out some details with you when I get around to it. Sounds really good!:)

Woj, if you are gonna run the contest, you have to limit the work to where it doesnt interfere with bowhunting. Dont think Im kidding either!:D I plan to quit my jobs as carefully as I can!

you have to limit the work to where it doesnt interfere with bowhunting.
I knew guys who always quit their jobs at beginning of hunting season and then got another one after it was over.
Matty, we may be looking for part timers that would lead to a full time position. Give me your resume if your interested.
Matty are you guy's shooting at RRWMA, let me know maybe I'll stop by.
Ok Mike, will do....Want me to bring it by on Thursday? Can I use you as a reference? Oh and make sure to tell them what a fine, upstanding gentleman I am! Or I wont help you fix your bow ya prick!:D (Now thats funny!)

Bumhunt, shoot me an email.

[email protected]
Matt, bring in on Thursday and I'll leave for the chief on Friday.
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