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As we approach the end of another challenging and successful year at
the Division of Fish and Wildlife, I want to convey my heartfelt thanks
and appreciation to all of you for your hard work and dedication. This
will be my last message to you as Director of the Division, as I have
accepted a position with the Department's Compliance and Enforcement
Program. I will assume my new position on January 3rd and I look
forward to supporting conservation and environmental protection as part
of Assistant Commissioner Wolf Skacel's team.

It has been an honor to work with all of you over these past three
years as Director. I have worked closely with the Division throughout
many of my twenty years in State service, and I discovered early on that
the Division is comprised of some of the most talented and dedicated
public servants in the fields of conservation and environmental
protection. It is primarily for this
reason that our state is looked to as a national leader in fish and
wildlife management. Because New Jersey is at once the most densely
populated state in the country and blessed with an abundance of natural
resources, our wildlife professionals are continually called upon to
address complex issues with a scientific acuity and professionalism that
is the envy of many of our sister states.

This professionalism was demonstrated throughout many of the challenges
we faced together in the past three years. Along with your hard work, it
contributed to significant achievements, including our first two
successful bear hunts in over 35 years and a comprehensive management
policy to guide the future conservation of this species. We completed a
Wildlife Action Plan that will serve as a blueprint for all groups to
address wildlife species of greatest conservation need in our state. We
initiated a Farm Bill program to encourage private landowners to manage
their properties to enhance habitat and we have made tremendous strides
to protect and restore the resources of the Delaware estuary, including
oysters, shorebirds and waterfowl.

In addition, we are now poised to implement an exciting new electronic
licensing and data management system that will revolutionize the
Division's operations in many ways. These are just a few examples of the
more notable achievements and based on all of our work together, I am
confident that your professionalism and dedication will enable the
Division to meet new challenges successfully in the years ahead.

I prefer not to think of this as a farewell message, because I am
confident that our paths will continue to cross professionally. In the
meantime, I send my thanks to you, to all of our dedicated volunteers,
including the members of our councils and committees and to the
conservation groups that have provided assistance and support during my
tenure as Director. It has truly been a privilege working with all of
you, Commissioner Campbell, Assistant Commissioner Watson, and the staff
of the Natural and Historic Resources Divisions.

I am grateful for having had this opportunity to serve the sportsmen
and women and all citizens who care about our state's fish and wildlife.
Best wishes to you and your families for a very safe and happy holiday
season, and for your continued success in the conservation of our
state's natural resources.

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