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My friend is accepting a non-paying internship in california for videography. He needs all the money he can get, so he is selling his bow and everything that came with it for $400. He just got it last year and has not shot it much at all. I posted a listing for him on here a while ago before the internship was a factor, so now he really needs the money as funding to get out there, and to aid in housing expenses. The grip may need to be replaced (I think the grip was cheap to begin with) and the peep needs to be re-served (unless you want the new tubeless peep that comes with it put in) but everything else is good.


Martin Bengal Bow 70# with:
Tru-glo 5 pin sight
Peep sight (new tubless peep included)
Whisker Biscuit

Scott Release
Cabelas Hunter Carbon Arrows
Block Original Target
Bow Case (not sure of the brand, but Flambeau type)

$400 o.b.o for everything

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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