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I must say hello and what an awsome site from what i've seen so far! I think I found a new home on the internet.
The only one thats not from jersey is the second from the right, he's from Highland county, Ohio.He's a 10 ptr and it's not a mount of a crow it's just a decoy that blocks his 11 inch tine.

My latest buck was the 9 pointer with the arrow on his antlers, shot on the last night of the 2003 fall bow season. It was actually the first buck I had in range the whole season. Lots of close calls and smaller bucks but no shooters.
All three jersey bucks on the wall are zone 11 and 41 Hunterdon county bucks.
The second from the left is my first bow and arrow buck although I took over 15 does with a stick beforehand, I didn't get a buck until 7 yrs into bowhunting.
And the buck all the way to the right is my first buck with a gun. And again I took many does with the gun before downing this buck at age 16.
I was fortunate enough to have a father and brothers to have taught me hunting at a young age, Gun hunting at 10 and bowhunting at age 14.
Since my father has passed away this May and my brothers (3 all older) have all quit hunting many yrs. ago.I am the last of a hunting family.
I think the thing I miss most is having someone there to share the moment, you know the pat on the back or the hand shake(let alone the help dragging out).I've had to hunt alone for the past 10 yrs and although theres solitude theres still a part about it that stinks!
Although they say nothing lasts forever you all can quote me on the fact that I will never give up the pleasure I get from being in the woods ,Alone or not!!!

To all the future friends I hope to meet here Hello and Goodnight, Marksworld

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Welcome to the boards Marksworld![up]
Sorry to hear about your dad. My condolences to you and your family...
Though we may not be in the woods with you (By the looks of that wall most of us would want to be :D) you will always have this site to come and share your stories with people who love and appreciate hunting as much as you. It's too bad your brothers gave it up! Do you know why they quit?
I don't think you would have too much of a problem finding a hunting partner here.(did I mention I'm a great deer dragger:D)
Look forward to hearing some more about those critters on your wall and future critters!

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Welcome aboard, Marksworld. No one can ever take away the fond memories that we have of our prior hunts with someone special, be it your father, brother, or just a close friend. And when they p [no swearing please] on, just look at it as though they have moved to a higher tree stand and are watching over you. Maybe they will help steady your hand and guide you shot when the next trophy presents itself;)
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