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Absolutely pristine condition. Possibly trade for good rangefinder, otherwise Postal Money Order, Cash or Paypal ok. Medford area. No holding, first with cash or trade gets it. Thanks.

You get:
Product Features
Meridan Color handheld GPS unit

MapSend DirectRoute CD-ROM

64 MB SD memory card

Vehicle mounting bracket

Turn-by-turn audio prompts; includes serial interface and PC cable

Technical Details

In the box: Meridan Color handheld GPS receiver, MapSend DirectRoute CD-ROM, 64 MB SD memory card, vehicle mounting bracket, PC data cable with cigarette lighter adapter, quick reference guide, two AA batteries, wrist strap, a user's manual, and a one year limited warranty

(GPS Color) Base Map: 16 MB built-in database including highways, major roads, parks, waterways, airports, cities, and marine navigation aids

(GPS Color) Coverage: North America

(GPS Color) Number of Screens: 9

(GPS Color) Screens-Types: User configurable (Map, Compass, Large Data, Position, Road, Speedometer, ***** Compass)

(GPS Color) Position Update Rate: 1/second

(GPS Color) Time to First Fix: Cold, Warm, Hot: less than two minutes, less than one minute, less than fifteen seconds

(GPS Color) Maximum Velocity: 951 mph (1530 km/h)

(GPS Color) Height/Width/Depth: 6.5in/2.9in/1.2in (16.5 cm/7.4cm/3cm)

(GPS Color) Weight: 8oz (226.8gr)


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Excellent price. I have one and use it all time. This was my back-up GPS when I had my boat. It always got me to within 10-15 ft of any wreck and with the Topo software was perfect in the deep woods. [up]
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