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Ok people... The anti's are hard at work trying to kill the hunt so we need to make some noise as well in favor of the hunt! Call the numbers and send a fax to the same numbers they gave out in this anti alert!!! We need to show we are here and ready to fight!!

Check out this crap!

20 days left until the bear slaughter begins in NJ
Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Day 2 - Actions for the bears
1) Call Governor-Elect Corzine
Phone: 973-645-3030
Ask him to use his political influence and power to prevent the 2005 bear hunt from going forward.
2) Fax Acting Governor Codey
Fax: 609-292-3454
(if you do not have a fax, please call Codey again at 609-292-6000)
Ask Codey to have one of his last acts as governor be that of stopping the bloodshed of a bear hunt.
Bear Hunt Protest
Saturday, November 19, 2005
12- 2 pm
Intersection of Canistear Road & Route 23
West Milford, NJ
Please join The Bear Education and Resource Group in a protest against the proposed bear hunt! Route 23 in West Milford is where an injured cub crawled onto the road and died in front of grieving motorists during the 2003 bear hunt.
The proposed hunt is scheduled to start on Monday, December 5, 2005. The Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection, Bradley Campbell, is now considering the Council's proposed hunt. Let's show Campbell and all of our state legislators and officials that New Jersey does not want a trophy bear hunt! If the hunt is cancelled before November 19, we will gather at the same time and place for a victory rally!
Directions: From Route 287 in either direction, take Route 23 north for approximately 13 miles to Canistear Road.
Lynda Smith
The Bear Education and Resource Group

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I hope she stops traffic and is arrested again.

I say we called Corzine and Codey and incourage them to approve the hunt. It can work both ways.

Guys, I just called the # for COCKZINE, and told the lady Im in favor of the bear hunt 100%, she said to me: "WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO KILL THEM?" with that said Im scared that the hunt will never happen[down][mad] I called CODY'S office and they acted professional[up]

What was your answer?
I told her that there are way to many bears in this small state, and one day soon GOD forbid someone will get hurt or killed. I went onto say how bears have been found in every county including HUDSON, how money from hunters, and the taxes from hunting equipment paid for the open land we have, and not only are hunters using the land but hikers, bird watchers, and the general public all year around. Also added that hunting will control the population of the bears and all other game. She could care less[down][mad]
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