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Lucky 13 is on the board

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Nice size doe @6:55 am.will post pics later
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Well, at 6:55 am I spotted movement in the brush with something small walking, first thought it was a fox, seconds later a fawn emerges and heads toward my tree, so I watched for a little bit, then I see mommy following in its steps, gave them a pass, so I watched them feed a little bit and walk away. Half a minute after that I see brush moving and a lot of noise, three doe's come running towards my tree and they are in a big hurry as if something spooked them, with the bow still in my hand I stopped them at 25 yards and let the Muzzy fly at the biggest one Deer Deer hunting Wildlife White-tailed deer Wildlife biologist
, she ran 40 yards and piled up.
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All these eab success threads are getting me super jealous, I'm stuck working out of state till early october
Plenty time ahead of you, just make sure you go out while this beautiful weather lasts, it is nice to be in the deer woods without having to use the thermacell. Good luck
Congrats way to go I will be out this week
Congrats, seems that Zone 14 is hot this year. this is the third contest doe from that zone.
I've had a whole bunch of does and a ~120 class 8 point on my camera....not a deer in site all weekend....I'm jealous but, congrats!
very nice! congrats !
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