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Luciano's Sport Shop - Big Give Away "Gold Series" Beretta Head Phones.

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Big Give Away! This one does not come cheap.

We are giving away sound cancelling headphones "Gold Series" Beretta Head Phones.

In order to enter, you will need to Share the post on Facebook ( , Like the Post & Like the Page, Write a comment on the post.

Sounds familiar Right? Well here is the new kicker - Because this is such a big item, we will not give this away until Luciano's Facebook Page reaches 175 likes total.

So Share it to everyone, tell your friends - Force people to like it and share it if you have to. We will hold on to the headphones until we get there (175 likes)

We are not that far away. Responses to this thread will not count in the runnings - we will be looking at all who shared the head phones post. SO FIND IT.
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This is a FREE giveaway... It take 2 minutes on Facebook
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