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Well as some of you guys know I have been waiting for a Vizsla pup. It was to be born this week. I just received word from my breeder that he had the mother in for an emergency c-section. There were 7 pups and all were still born. Needless to say my wife and I are a little upset. I know it could be worst, but we were really looking forward to the pup. Name picked and everything. I was really looking forward to training her and hunting with her.
The breeder has been great through. He attempted 2 breedings and only one had taken and she stopped taking the deposits and he gave us an option to drop out names from the waiting list. He also opted to help us find another breeder. He provided 2 names after this happened though. He seems to be a stand out guy. We'll see what these 2 say or I'll stay on the list for his spring breeding that he is hoping for. Sorry for the rambling. Mike
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