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Well today started off with a bang:( Just had a visit from a friend who just told me he has sold his farm. 400+ acres of old blueberry fields, cranberry bogs, swamps and thick pines ! What a honey hole this was:D There were three of us leasing it. I have alot of other ground to hunt, but not as sweet as this. The other two leasees have been put on suicide watch. They have no place to go:(
There is a chance that the new owner will renew the lease, so I told these guys not to tie the noose on their necks yet. It always seem that when life's ocean seems calm, someone always comes too close, and swamps your boat:(
But that's life !!
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thats sucks, I've been in your shoes a few times[down]
Future housing development? Which county is the land in?
I may have the same problem. They just started PERG testing my property.
Bummer[down]Well maybe the new owner will think about it..
I've been there!!!! I feel for ya!!![down]
Those perg tests are like a death watch--not good. I have lost 2 prime leases in Sussex County over the last 15 years and this current one is being chipped away by developers.
Seems as though the future owner is going to try to clean up the Blueberry fields and farm them. Wait till he see the damage the antlered vacuum cleaners can do. Hopefully this will convince him to let us " thin the herd ":D
It's in Burlington Co. Zone 23
Not noted for big deer ( the two in my photo gallery are exceptions ) but lots of them.

Oh well, time will tell.
Great news :D:D:D:D
Got to meet the new owner of the property we lease. Turns out he's a real nice guy, and an avid hunter. After some consideration, THE LEASE HAS BEEN RENEWED :D:D
Seems his only concern was that we wouldn't want him and his brother to hunt there. Once that he realized that his family was exempt, we were good to go. The check has been written and the papers signed.
What a relief it is knowing that the " OLD HONEY HOLE " is still ours to hunt.
One thing that also helped, was that the deer have eaten every plant and bush that is around his house. 20+ on his lawn every morning !!
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