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Looking for a club.

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Well i'll start this off and say i'm looking for any info on clubs who are looking for members. I've been hunting public land latelty and i can really use to join a club. As for the clubs i were in, either they lost the land or it was just a miserable club and a bad experiance. Hell i just want to hunt and have a good time. i was in a club that had two chicks and both hated each other. what a mess that was. So if anyone knows of any just shoot me an email at [email protected].

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Every club I've been in or hear about does nothing but fight! I used to like being around some of the guy's but seperate groups always form within the clubs and too much sneaky back stabbing crap goes on! I will try and find some quality guy's to hunt with without joining a club. The best club I belonged to was the Chester game club but I've heard from some of the members I'm still friends with that it is going down hill fast!
WW are you making this stuff up as you go along???? LOL!
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