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Went out on an open boat charter on the reel cl [no swearing please] on sunday. We were going to target weaks in the barnegat but the sat. trip produced none. On a recent report of some fluke being caught in the Manasquan river we headed up there to see what was happening. Well the report was accurate and we found the fish. The bite was really slow at first but as soon as the incoming tide started to move we had a steady stream of fluke pouring into the boat. All in all we caught about seventy some fish but with most being just on the short side at 15 to 16 1/4 inches. We did happen to put 11 fat flatties in the boat including one really nice 6.5#. That is an awesome fish for the river. We caught almost all of the fish on half ounce lead head twister tail jigs in pink/chartreuse. There was a ton of peanut bunker in the river and it was being torn apart by the snapper and tailor size blues along with the fluke underneath who were spitting them up when they came into the boat. We snagged a few peanuts to drop to the bottom but were unable to keep them away from the blues long enough to get a bite from a fluke. The fluking should hopefully last another week or so down there as this shows they are strapping on the feed bag and starting to pour out of the river for the migration back out to the shelf.
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