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Here is a good one!!! I have been looking into finding an outfitter in IL. So I came across this website that hunters can post a review about an outfitter either good or bad. They also leave thier E-mail address so you can contact them. So I wrote an e-mail to one of the "hunter's" that have used this one outfitter. The responce I got was not what I was looking for. It turns out that the outfitter used his son's E-mail address and posted a review on his own place. It's just hard to believe there is so many scam artist out there.
here is the review & e-mail

Owner: xxxxxx
Location: IL, brown
Species Hunted: deer
Quality of Game Sighted: good
Quantity of Game Sighted: good
Quality of Accommodations: sufficient
Condition of Camp Equipment: na
Quality of Food: na k
Experience of Guides: good
Experience of Other Personnel: na
Overall Impression of the Hunt: great
Would you recommend this outfitter: for sure
I have hunted there 3 years.I missed 2 bucks and killed a 156 inch p/y in 2004.Saw many more.Several over 170 inches.One non-typical with points going everywhere.Probably scores 230-240.Its still there.I saw it again in Dec.04

My E-mail to "the client"


I saw your review on xxxx Outfitters. I have been looking for an outfitter to do a mid-west bowhunt with. I was wondering if you could give me some additional input about this operation.

Thanks for your time

The "Hunter's" response

May I ask, who is Luke and how did you get this e-mail address because xxxxx is not my company it is my dad's, his e-mail address is xxxxx, my name is xxx, my dad's name is xxxx. You have xxxx's son's e-mail address. My dad's website is www.xxxx

I left the name of the outfitter out until i get his side of the story. However i doubt ill here back from him. I guess he forgot to tell his kid that he used his e-mail address and not to answer them.. Here is my review [down][down]
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