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Letter to Fish and Game

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Hello Mr. Tarlow. My name is James B and I wanted to contact you regarding current Fish and Game regulation prohibiting the use of smokeless powder in muzzleloaders. I am curious to know if you are willing to take a closer look at this subject? Have you ever considered that there are less toxic, less vision obscuring (safer), and lower or equal velocity propellants available. I was really surprised to learn that "Triple Se7en" that is allowed for muzzleloading contains low-explosives, di-nitros, one notch below tri-nitros: TNT. Did you guys know all this?
If you consider DOT classification of explosives/combustibles the guidelines for regulating such propellants then you would have to rule current blackpowder substitutes such as Hodgdon Pyrodex, Triple Seven, Goex Pinnacle, and American Pioneer illegal as well. All are classified as 1.3 powders by U.S. DOT, as is the most popular "smokeless propellant" in the Savage ML, Accurate Arms 5744. True loose black powder, which is more unstable, difficult to ship, and harder to sell, receives a US DOT classification of 1.1.
Probably the most popular propellant used by NJ muzzleloader hunters would be Hodgdon's Pyrodex. When it was originally marketed it was refered to as a smokeless propellant and also as a blasting compound for mining operations. When it is burned it releases TOXIC cyanide gas. Marketing semantics now labels it differetly, but it is still the same DOT cl [no swearing please] powder.
The evolving sport of muzzleloading hunting is growing by leaps and bounds and many of the misconceptions of the public are just that. It has been a while since I have taken the muzzleloader/rifle permit safety course mandated by the state to muzzleloader hunt. I was curious to know if these facts were being incorporated into the course? I was shocked to learn that some of the highest velocity loads are achieved with a now legal and popular "three pellet" load.
It is also interesting to note that neighboring states Pennsylvania and New York allow "smokeless" powder in guns designed for it.
In closing I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and welcome any further discussion on this subject.

James B
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I dont think Paul T. has anything to do with these regs, but Im sure he will p [no swearing please] it on through the proper channels as soon as he can. If not, Im certain he will advise you on who to alert about this.

Well written though, and good facts. It may get the ball rolling on what you want. Good luck[up]
Good job Jim.[up]

If you need a list of supporters, I will sign.
MG, why argue this? Its like when trad shooters bash compound shooters. I shoot both, and give respect to die-hard trad shooters, because it is harder, but they shouldnt bash thier fellow bow-bending brothers who choose to use a compound.

Its just seems silly. Why cant we all get along? Its not like hes asking for rocket launcher season or hand grenade day.:D

Spit on your hands, shake and make up!;)
Umm, I didnt say you bashed anyone.

But you make pokes at things, whether or not you are trying to be humorous is beyond me.

Im not trying to cause problems here, just help resolve this. I can see where its all going, and I didnt think it was good for hunters.

Its an elitist attitude to just come out and say "real bows" as well. So I guess I shoot real bows, and fake bows. I like you from what I know of you MG, you seem like a dedicated bowhunter, but dont try to cause trouble. OK? Dont act like you dont know you are either. Come on, man, just be cool!;)
I don't cause trouble, I just give a different point of view.
Fair enough. I hope you understand Im not trying to say you cant do that either. Maybe just try to express your pov with less sarcasm, and pokes at the other side. Know what I mean? ;)
Your so difficult MG!:eek: I guess thats why we keep you around.:p:D
Where is the rolls eyes smiley when you need it?

Dont take me so litterally MG, Im just kidding around with you. I have no power to make you stay or go. Sheesh....You'da been gone ages ago.....HAHAHAA>..thats a joke too, just incase you didnt recognize it.:D

I like to keep situations light by interjecting humor, just ask IMB, he finds me funny!:D He may be the only one, but hey...Im not getting paid for this gig!:p
Ok, cool.....or like you say; KOOL![cool]
Group Hug?


(Odd silence followed by someone suggesting we do something manly like chop firewood):D're too much Ian!:D
You want to hear something really funny?

I havent accomplished a damn thing all day!! NOTHING.. but Ive cracked up laughing a couple times. I love this site! I did eat lunch, but Im not sure that qualifies!

Actually that may just be pathetic?[confused] Oh well, whats one day in the grand scheme of things right?:D
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