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Yup, cheap cast iron pot or pan and I have used a turkey burner with propane to get the cast iron pot hot enough and then dump in a handful of wheel weights at a time. I let the pot fill up about half way and then skim the crud off the top and then pour the good lead out. I am scared of breathing in too much lead so I do this in my backyard away from the house and run an extension cord out to my work area. I then hood up a small fan and have that blowing right at me and I am hoping most of the fumes are taken away. I only stand near the pot when loading and emptying.

Just be safe and it's a nice hobby. I have 2 5 gallon spackle buckets in my shed filled with wheel weights so I might end up doing mine sometime this weekend or next week.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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