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LBI Fishing update

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I went to LBI over the Labor Day weekend. I was hoping to do some fishing, but family got in the way. Too much other things to do. I did a little only because my 21 month old niece wanted to find "Nemo." I tried for some snappers in the back bay with small spoons, but nothing. The guy at the bait shop said the snappers weren't really hitting lures yet.
Another day I attempted crabbing from the bulk heads. I normal spot was crowded so I went looking elsewhere. I caught a lot of small crabs and 1 keeper. I let that one go. What are you going to do with 1 crab? Maybe I'll get out yet.
Sorry, not much of a report.
On a side note, my neice did grab my fishing pole before we left and said "Nemo" and then starting walking towards the bay with it.
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I had my older son and my 4 nephews out behind the grandparents house on a lagoon this weekend. The snappers werent hitting lures but they shore were hitting spearing with a hook and boober. Must have caught and unhooked about 20 in an hour.
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