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LBI/Barnegat Jetty Surf Fishing

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I might be doing some surf fishing down at my father-in-law's LBI house near the Barnegat Light house.

Any tips on bait? I usually just use squid.

Oh yeah... I want to catch flounder.
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Top that squid with a sand eel or spearing and you'll do a little better. Cast out as far as you can and work your bait back to you..Bounce it twice and wait...reel in a few turns...bounce it twice and wait...and so on..

16 1/2inch min and an 8 fish limit..

Good luck.
Thanks. I'll be using one of those pyramid weights.
Try a strip of sqiud and a live Killie works great. Retrieve like JJoe said and bounce the bait. Also if your fishing from shore try a 3oz to 40z weight about 3 feet from the bait. REMEMBER THERE IS THE 16 1/2 inch min and 8 fish limit. Get some keepers and you will have a great meal. GOOD LUCK![up]
If I was you I would also bring another pole and put a bunker head on it. One of my buddie's has been catching at least five b [no swearing please] every morning on bunker....and bring a snaging hook too..Just incase a pod of bunker runs the beach.. Good luck[up]
You want to dead stick that bunker pole with a pyramid sinker to keep it in place and use a bank sinker for fluke so it will not get caught up and retrieve easily. Like said above a few cranks , wait 30-60 seconds and a few more cranks. It simulates a drift, covers more turf and keeps the crabs and starfish at bay.If you catch a sea robin, cut off a strip from each side of it's white tail. MMmm fresh bait strips from a robin can't be beat.:) good luck
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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