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Last cast 15 lber

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Went to ShopRite to buy corn meal. Didn’t find Quaker yellow corn meal. Bought Indian Head instead. Recooked my old corn meal mush bait with new ingredients, then went carping in 70 degree Carnegie Lake in the evening. Parking lot wasn’t filled. Intruders were in my spot so I tried my backup spot. Threw out a can of corn for chum, then caught nothing with a 1/32 oz twister tail jig on 2 lb test line. A big fish 🐟 hit my whole kernel corn 🌽 bait, then swam into the candocks and escaped. Lost two of the hooks on my three hook corn rig. Stopped fishing 🎣 with corn and also stopped ultralight jigging. Caught a spawned out 15 lb female common carp on my last cast with twice cooked homemade corn meal on a #8 red treble hook and 12 lb test line. Landed 27 common carp this year.
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