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Largest NJ Bass

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What is the largest bass you have been able to catch in NJ.? Years ago I was on a quest to catch the NJ state record,I didn't succeed,but I did manage to catch a few bass[largemouth]over 7lbs.
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My biggest so far is 7.25 lbs. in Jersey.
My largest was 6.5 pounds. When we were kids we used to sneak on to a local golf course and fish the ponds once they were closed. Oh man those golf courses held the biggest bass ever. It seemed then that every bass was well over 4 pounds on average and we could catch 25 or so each in a few hours. Great times [up] My buddy got one that was 9 pounds. The pickeral fishing in these ponds were unbelievable too averaging 20" and the largest was almost 30".
One of my biggest bass was also caught on a golf course!A little over 7lbs.
That's the sort of spots that the next state record will be caught, Public waters just don't have such monsters in them, what with many folks practiceing catch and grease. And yes, I know they have the right to these fish but it's still sad to see a ton of folks comeing to the docks with stringers full of 12" largemouths.
I just posted pics yesterday of my biggest NJ bass, it was around 5lbs. Got some hints to some good spots so hopefully i'll be able to get a bigger one this year. I'm with your ghostbear, catch and release is what it's all about. [up]
I agree!Most of the other big bass came from private farm ponds!
I have a spot that's public that not too many folks knew of yet that holds big fish, but that is starting to change though, I'm strating to see more and more people there. And many of them a walking back to thier trucks with limits of 3-4 pounders.

It'll be like everywhere else in the next few years.
When we were kids we used to sneak on to a local golf course and fish the ponds once they were closed
When I was in high school, me and a buddy of mine used to do the same thing but we used to go when the course was open. We were on the back end of one of the greens, on the other side of the water so technically off the course itslef. We used to wave to the golfers as they came by to putt.[hihi] Biggest one I ever caught was on a golf course, about 5lbs.
My son in law is a wildlife biologist for NJ.,you would be surprized at some of the monsters lurking in public waters.I always can't wait to hear the results after they do their surveys.Catching them is another story!
My bigest was taken in Cedar Lake in Denville over 25 year ago. He tipped the scale at 8 lbs. 7 ozs. I did not have the money to get him mounted at that time but looking back and understanding that you don't get bass that big in New Jersey too often, I wish I had![cry]
This bass was taken in Assumpink lake it weighted 16 lb. and the customer also caught a 12 lb bass. this was in the 1980's
Isn't the NJ state record 10lbs. 14oz.?
This is just a question not a negative at all so please do not take it as one

Why do we feel it is ok to fish for and keep big stripers,catfish, trout fluke, blues ect but when it comes to small and lag mouth bass, crappies and yellow perch we are looked down for keeping.

Some of the best fish I have eaten the the ones that was just mentioned, and again many fill the freezers with in alot of the other states. again just a question on mind sets Maybe this should be a post as to not hijack this one
Either one of his fish would have broken the record, but he chose not to enter.
Either one of his fish would have broken the record, but he chose not to enter.
Really? I sure would have.
No offense, but it is a little hard to believe that one guy broke the state record two times in a lake that's as heavily fished by the public as assunpink, and not only broke the record, but shattered it by over 50% with one of the fish. This seems to bring back memories of some 80 pound carp from deal lake or something. Either way, nice fish where ever it was taken.
Who n where has state record? Herd it was the taxidermist in leesburg,not sure if source is good. herd it was mananico.
caught 3 over 6 lbs in 3 days one week.2 were estimated at 6.5 lbs+ but looking back those were conservative estimates.
those bass were definately over 7 lbs.
*******, No offence taken, As to your question. I used to be a "keep everything" kind of fisherman, I would go out for Trout,Bass and whatever else was in season, and keep limit after limit putting it all in the freezer, only to find much of it went to waste.

I still keep fish now and then, but only if I plan on fish for dinner that night.

I feel that whenI see a fisherman keeping a limit of bass or trout or whatever, then I see that guy back at the lake or stream keeping yet another limit, I can't help but think that many of those fish go to waste, it may or may not be the case I know, but does anyone really need to put 100 trout or bass or crappies or perch into the freezer?

I only keep what I plan to eat that night or the next day, Fresh fish is always better than frozen.

As for Releaseing Largemouths? Well, I'm an amature competitve bass angler, if I kill'em all I'll hve nothing left to catch! I know that those that eat bass are entitled to keep a limit of them to eat, and don't falt them for taking them, Just throw back the big 3,4,and five pound females and keep some of the the 2 pound males, they eat better than the bigger one anyway!
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