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I agree with BobR,

Coyotes and fox, get the occasional bird, but they normally feed off smaller, easier kills, and carrion (dead animals).

I think the state should limit the amount of tags you can get. Especially during a year following bad hatches.

I dont claim to know much about Turkey management, but I know they are a more fragile species. Disease, and overharvesting effects them more than deer.

Im sure the state biologists know what they are doing, but they cant let money from tags stand in the way of sound game management. I dont think you should be able to buy 6 permits all together. If you hunt turkeys with a shotgun, its not that hard to fill all 6 permits.

Maybe a change in the turkey regs is necessary too...
PA gives you a month, and one turkey. Maybe we should do something similar. Or keep our regs, but limit the amount of permits you can buy, based on the previous years data.

What do ya'll think?

Have a good one---matt:)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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