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Super Bowl of Chili

2 lbs. Guido's Bacon-Wrapped Tenderloin (*Note: Use recipe *)
2 lbs. Guido's Jerky-Cured Smoked Roast (*Note: Use recipe *)
2 lbs. Guido's Camping Buck (*Note: Use recipe *)
2 lbs. Hunterpanz1100's Grilled Venison (*Note: Use recipe *)
2 lbs. Guido's Smoked Turkey (*Note: Use recipe, You can Sub for Deep Fried *)
2 lbs. NHBuck's Game Day Venison (*Note: Use recipe *)
2 lbs. Jerseyhunter's Breakfast Sausage (*Note: Use recipe *)

3 med onions, chopped
12- 14 tbsp. olive oil
*Note* ? 15oz. can tomato sauce (Add till you get the thickness You want Your Chili)
2tsp. salt
4 heaping tablespoons. cumin powder
16 cloves garlic, mashed or chopped
6 heaping tablespoons. chili powder
4 heaping tablespoons paprika
4 heaping tablespoons cayenne pepper
2 fresh Jalapeño pepper w/seeds and chop
2 tablespoons oregano
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
2 tablespoons ground black pepper
2 tablespoons Tabasco sauce

brown meat & sauté onions in olive oil. Combine ingredients & simmer over low heat until meat is done. Add small amount of water as necessary to maintain moisture.

This is a very meaty Chili... This is Super Bowl Chili....

More to follow.
101 - 111 of 111 Posts
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