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Mako Steaks
Cut steaks 1/2 to 1 inch thick
Thickness will dictate cooking time slightly
Either fresh or frozen
Outdoor grilled or broiled or foreman grilled
Any fish can be substituted such as Tuna or Cod, Pollock
Leave back bone in or debone
Leave skin on to contain form
Wash and pat dry
Spew lemon fresh or lemon juice on meat both sides
Melted butter each side generously
Sprinkle Old Bay seasoning both sides to cover
Sprinkle onion or garlic salt or powder
Grille 2.5 minutes each side but don't allow to burn
Grille until flakes
I like to under cook slightly to keep most rather than flaking and dried out
In summer,corn on cob or garden veggies,nice salad and either a cool brew or some fine wine or sweet tea

Enjoy by Cat

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Pheasant Breasts
Breast of pheasant cleaned fresh or frozen
Strip off any fat remains
Wash and Pat dry
Cut in strips depending to likings
Teriyaki or your favorite marinade
The longer it's marinaded the stronger the taste
I generally add a little cooking wine to marinade
Not to much though
I like Myrons marinades they are extrem
Heat up George Forman grill or broil or pan fry
The key is do not over cook and dry out and will cook extremely fast because on no fat
Can be considered as a regulair meal or as hot snacks

Enjoy by Cat
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