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Keep the wildlife wild fund

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want to start up the KWWO (keeping wildlife wild organization). anybody can join and it wont cost you a dime, in fact you safe all kinds of money not buying feeders,corn,salt licks,alfafa,gas,time takes to screw with other hunters and our quarrys minds.

heres what you do, instead of driving to the farm market and buying bait and the time wasted during the process go out and do some real old world scouting and get back to the roots of hunting.
i think KWWO will also keep the antis off our back. they wont have the ammo to say we are just stone cold killers sitting over a pile of food looking to shoot everything.

lets put the fair back in fair chase. at the same time making it fair for all hunters like the ones that dont have the money, time or want to bait and take the wild out of the beasts.

i know some will say i have to bait to keep the animals on the property. i say no you dont go out and buy some fertilizer and help along what already naturally grows there. like oak trees, berries, natural grasses and other vegitation that animals already love and is a established food source.

please post with your support and comments.
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