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I have the Viper, and it's good for gun hunting. You should feel very safe if you go high due to the bar in front. The Viper sets up easy, and climbs pretty quietly and easily. It is very comfortable. Just remember, with climbers you are limited to which trees you can use, if you drop something, you have to work back down the tree to get it, then back up. They are more bulky and heavier than the good aluminum hang-on stands and probably a little noisier to set up.

Practice with it before you hunt with it...the time to discover the little things that you need to know to master the stand is not in the pre-dawn darkness.

In my opinion, the best stand for the mobile hunter is one of the aluminum Gorilla's. They are light, easy to set up, very quiet, and I can actually set them up quicker and more quietly than I can get up a tree with my climbers. They are easier to carry around (I use them with screw-in steps), especially if your going deep in the woods, if you drop something (like I'm prone to doing:() you can just climb back down the steps, get it and be back in the stand in less than a minute, no sweat. Just be aware that in some places, you can't use screw in steps, and that may mean carrying in ladder sections, or climbing sticks. If that's the case, the benefits are reduced and a climber may be a better option. I hunt some public lands, which I why I needed a climber.

Hope that helps a little.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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