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Well as I unpacked my bags from this hunt, all I could think of was the way Chuck Anderson took a piece of wood and turned it into a turkey talking machine in front of my face while I filmed him at work! We had a great time hunting these past few days, and I was able to harvest a HOG gobbler with a call he made the night before my hunt. It was AWSOME to see him at work. We hope to use the film in our next dvd production of Gobblers Addiction. In any case, we had gobblers ALL around us and we wanted to make one a movie star, THUS the name of my new call, Chuck signed in " The Hollywood Hen" made for ANY gobbler wanting to be a movie star!
And I did have a taker. A great 23lbs, 10" beard, with 1" spurs who answered the casting call we put out!
With this being our last week here, I hope to get another chance at a few that gave me the slip here, and with any luck, I'll be back up to PA and New work to fill those last tags before it's ALL over for this season. Almost brings a tear to my eye...
Enjoy the pics!

1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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