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My buddy and I, this past Saturday, after a long and tiring day escorting his son around for the Youth Day, were enjoying a smoke break near the Appalachian Trail where it intersects the Iron Mountain Road, and we see a dog decked out with an orange vest come around the bend, soon followed by his owner, jogging by, also in an orange vest.

He passes us standing there, looking all yokely and stuff with our camo and our dirt, then he doubles back and jogs to us. I look at the guy, and he's wearing his spandex-type jogging outfit, which makes me think oh here comes a disparaging comment or some stupid argument, cause it's easy to imagine this guy giving us a lecture from his yuppie attire. I'm judging by appearances and my gut feeling here.

He gets to us, points down the trail he just came from, and says "A little ways down theres a bear and two cubs right off the trail." Then he jogs off again.

My buddy and I look at each other. All day we found fresh bear tracks down by this one swampy area but didn't see the bear. Turns out she was right on the other side, bothering the joggers :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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