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jrhunt's bow buck

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Thats a great buck!!!!! what did he weigh & score, and where did you harvest him?

Is that a NJ deer? If so, which zone? :D
Got him Nov 2,2004. Greene county Illinois. 141PY. Approx weight 240lbs.I missed a bigger buck from the same stand on Oct 31. The stand is on a creek bottom where 5 trails cross the creek. I will be back to that stand from Oct 30- Nov 3,2005.
2 weeks after I got my buck the outfitter told me another client killed a 180 cl [no swearing please] buck.
In 2003 on the same farm a guy from Alabama killed a 207 non typical.I think it was 21 points.
My friend killed a 164PY in 2002 on a different farm about 5 miles away.This outfitter has some great properties.
Who is the outfitter? does he have a website??
I bet BHC thought it was an Iowa buck. LOL
I really thought it was a NJ deer, coming off a place where no hunting is allowed, but only for a select few. No matter where that deer came from it's a hell of a buck
The outfitter is Buckhorn Outfitters. He does not have a web site. The guys name is Rob Scott. North American Whitetail Television has done some recent hunts from his properties. 2 years ago Pat Reeve shot a big Muzzlelaoder buck and Stan potts got a shotgun buck. Stan potts was sitting in the middle of a cut corn field next to a big John Deere tractor.Maybe some some of you saw that hunt on TV.

This is the Buck that Pat Reeve from North American Whitetail shot at Buckhorn Outfitters.
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Hey JRHUNT I am still waiting for the invite ....Ive only know you for a few years now...LOL;) Just busting!!!!!!!

Here is the Buck Stan Potts from Team Realtree shot at Buckhorn.
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Bowhuntnj, You are welcome to come to Illinois. But I can't bring guest to my property in NJ.

This Monster was poached from the same property. Some [no swearing please] shot it with a 22 in the head.What a waste.I was told nothing happened to the guy who did it.
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My friend from Jersey City shot this 164PY on Halloween in 2002.
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This is the view from the stand I shot him out of. He was just on the other side of the creek.About a 17 yard shot.
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WOW! some great looking bucks!!!!
Looks like you got the picture posting art mastered [up][up]
Venisoneatr,Thanks for the picture posting lessons.I do believe I've mastered it. Havin fun too.
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