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On Friday I was sitting over my friends house. He looks outside and says, it don't look that bad lets go. So Mr. IDIOT here agrees. We all three jump in his truck (his father is #3) and we take off for Flemington. We get there around 3:30pm and its not that bad, so off we go into the woods. I have to go in with my friend through the same field to get to our stands. His father takes the truck to the other end of the property so he can hunt the hedge row. Anyway we have to p [no swearing please] my friends stand first, and when I look up I see he is got a brand spanking new umbrella screw into his tree. I still have to go another 500 yards through a Briar field that we cut a lane through to get to my stand. As I'm walking I start to smell something burning. Well guess what??? my back pack is smoking like a freight train. I pull if off (all my gear is in there)and there is the rechargable batterie that I was going to change on my feeder with a key stuck between the two springs of the batterie. "Ok so I start out on a bad note". I get to my stand and no sooner I bring up my bow someone upthere opens up the faucet. Did I see any Deer? not a one, as a matter of fact I was the only Anal Cavity withing 200 squarer yards that was getting wet.
Darkness came early. I get off that tree and I must of gain 50 pounds of water on all of my equipment, the key that almost burn me and my pack was the wrong key for the lock on my feeder, When I get to my friends tree, he gets off and comes out and says; Are you wet? touch me I'm dry that umbrella is the best money I spend, how you doing are you wet? Please i don't want to print what I say to him right there on that field while they were still throwing buckets of waters on me. Wait don't get bore it gets much better. We get to the truck (I could see the lights on as I hit the field) and there is the old man nice an dry, never even took his cloth off, my friend of course he din'd have to take his [no swearing please] off either he only got a little wet. Me I peeled everything off, cursing the world and standing there on the side of the road in my underwares, trying to put on my shorts and dry shirt. The hell with my shoes came home bare footed.
So now here we are back in Elizabeth, NJ and we are unloading the gear of the back of the truck, is now 8:45pm, and I know something is missing. Oh [no swearing please] I had left my back pack with my laser range finder, Nikon eye piece, burn out batterie you name it I had it in there, on the edge of the field right by the road. I was so pissed off I say good night and left, went home got on my hands and knees and begged the wife to take a ride with me back to Flemgt. I throw the 2 million spot light in the truck and take off. I have never seen so nasty a weather as I experience that night driving back on rt78. Sure enough I get there and my pack is were I figure I left it. When I threw that light on all those fields it was unreal there had to be more than 50 deers on all four fields that I look at.
The moral of the story is that I got to spend some prime time with my wife:D :D :D
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