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Jokes on me

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I went out this afternoon. Yes I have no brains, but then again I could not let my friends down. Anyway here I am walking into my house at 11:15pm. Oh so you ask me why??? Oh well I'm getting old and once in a while i get what is call " A BRAIN FART" I get home and I start to unload my totally saturated cloth, that by now weight some were around 35 pounds. I then realized that I had left my back pack on the edge of the field were I hunt. So back into my truck I go and drive all the way back to Flemington under torrential rain. I guess the only good thing about it is that I got to spend some time with the wife:D:D she took the ride with me. I never so a deer today, neither did my hunting partners. So I take the 2 million spot light with me and I throw it on the fields and it looked like a zoo. Boy that pisses me off[mad] So the motto of my story don't be stupid like me and bring everything back:p
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Isn't that always the way.
Hey, don't feel bad. I was at the Sportsmen Center a few days ago and a dejected looking fella came in to buy a bow.
Seems like he did something like yourself, except it was his bow he forgot to load in the truck. It gets worst, as he was backing out from his parking spot, he ran it over. Man, them Hoyts just can't take field use. While the riser didn't break, it had aquired some new engineering and one set of limbs shattered.
Hard as they wanted to cover it under warranty, it just couldn't be done.
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