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JerseyJim Bunny Hunting

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I see you like to get out and get some bunnys. Well I have a large piece of property in Lafeyette that is loaded with them if you would like to get out one day and get some let me know. Do you have beagles?
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i think you might have just adopted a new son hkdonfishn! good luck to you with
your more then welcome to join us.
I'm game.... hopefully I can get the freaking gun up. Thoses bunnies are quick!
Cool let's do it. Yea I know what you mean them bunny's are fast. We have a couple months if you want to get out and practice let me know we can go shoot some skeet on the property also.
hkdonfishn - can we do some groundhog hunting on your 200 acres in the summer time?
Sure can lots of them suckers there. Got a rifle?
Yup... an old .22...hopefully it still shoots. Just have to wait for my NJ rifle permit to arrive. In the mean time... there's always the bow or shotgun.
sounds good. we can go up anytime just let me know when you want to go. Good practice with the Bow.
Hey I would be more then happy to hunt rabbits. I have 2 beagles we havent hunted them imn 2 years bc the property has been scarce but Im sure g-pa would love to take them out for a go round.
COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!! Love hunt'en them bunnies!! I'll go when ever you want to go.. I do my own dogg'en. I like the excitement of them bust'en out from under my feet. LETS GO!!!......Man I can't wait until Nov.... Thanks hkdonfshn!!!![up][up]
Drag needs to work on his reaction and reflexes when those suckers break cover...They were a little quick for him last time. It definitely takes some getting used to. Not to mention I was a bad dog that day and couldn't get them to run in his direction[sad] lol BRING ON THE BUNNIES!!!!!!!
Hey jim i think you need to do some off season training with your bunny dog Drag! lol j/k
Man they are fast on my property I hunt for them all the time and I see like 30 a day and I have only got 5 off the property. Man I can't wait to go. LOTS OF FUN. [up]:D
i think Jim is drooling. don't tell him you see 30 bunnies a day. i don't think his heart can take it!:D
The day Drag and I went out I got my limit but I let a lot of led fly that day... I told Drag I use so many shells to even out the wieght of the bunnies in my game pouch!!:D When I don't think about the shot and let instincts take over I am a much better shot. If you try to think too much the bunny is gone before you react!!!!!
30 BUNNIES A DAY [up] Gotta love it!
Just a little drool!!!!:p
Jim send me an email
Don't drool you could slip on it break a hip and be out of commision for the next year. Then I will have to bring someone else [up]
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