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Jersey Jim's Rabbit Hunting Party

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Hey Jim, I might be interested in rabbit hunting with you next weekend.
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Cool! I hunted this spot in Nov. with my old man but it was so over grown that we couldn't get much shooting in. With a few more guy's and some of the thick stuff knocked down from the snow we should be able to get some bunnies out of there! Let me know if you want to go! I think I have one other guy so far.
No dogs...Just me...I'll get them out of the thicket! Nothing wrong with losing some blood a good rabbit hunt! LOL
I was thinking we can meet in the Ramsey Outdoors parking lot on Rt 46 in Ledgewood. Say at 7:00. The spot is right near there.
It's public but not many people know about it. I'm using what ever I have left over. 6's and 7 1/2s
I might have an extra pair of chaps that go on over your regular pants. There held up by your belt. I'll bring them if I can find them! Some of this cover is down right NASTY! There are some open area's to walk if you don't want to bleed! LOL!
I'm not sure what the land is called. It's state or town land that we are allowed to hunt. It's right by Mill pond. I've been hunting it for years but the guy's I used to hunt with moved or don't get out much any more so I figured it's time to let my secret spot be known! It's too thick to hunt alone and my old man doesn't get too many days off of work and he's not into the real tough walking anymore so we usually go somewhere else. No sense in letting this spot go to waste!
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I don't have a pheasant stamp either. It's a go on all the others you mentioned!
There used to be a club behind this piece and we would see quite a few birds but there's houses there now and I've only seen one pheasant since they were built. I'm pretty sure we will see our share of bunnies though!
Saturday is coming fast! Any of you new guy's want to go?
When are you announcing your next Jersey Jim's Rabbit Hunting Party?
After X-mas...
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